Dental health. 10 tips in folk medicine recipes.

  1. kummel


    Chamomile dust overnight around the tooth in case of inflammation.

    Pine resin
    Pine and spruce resin, propolis keep in the mouth. Disinfecting and restorative effect.
  2. Banaanikoor
    Banana peel

    Banana peel ashes, shake on a cotton ball, clean your teeth with a cotton ball. Coal tablet powder and banana peel whiten (2 X per month).

  3. Teepuuöli
    Tea tree oil

    5 drops of tea tree oil in 1/3 glass of water. Keep in the mouth for 3 minutes.

  4. D-vitamiin

    Feeling that several teeth are hurting. The most common problem is Calcium and vitamin- D deficiency.

  5. Sibul

    Eat half an onion in the evening. Many days sequentially. Kills bacteria in the body. After the course, you no longer feel an unpleasant taste in the morning in your mouth.

  6. Strengthens teeth toothpastes.
  7. Nelk

    Cloves, turmeric tea for mouth rinsing.


  8. Kalmus
    Sweet flag

    Chew the root of Sweet flag

  9. Salvia

    Salvia, mint. Mouth rinsed. Vodka tinctures.

  10. Walnuts

    Walnuts, coconut oil. Tooth enamel restorative.


    Coconut oil

Bleeding gums, red gums, mild pain in the tooth area! Consult a dentist in advance. Massage can help – massage the problematic gum 2-3 times a day for 3 days. Exclude from the meat raffinates, bells, rusks, sugar, cereals as a minimum in the diet. The menu includes walnuts, onions, garlic, raw roots, fish. Mountain calcium tablets. Spruce and pine resin.

Tooth decay is inhibited by:

1.Good genes. Good health Father had good teeth, uncle had good teeth, and so on. I am healthy and have good immunity.
2.Micronutrients and vitamins necessary for the tooth. A very important component in the teeth and bones is vitamin D and calcium. Often too little in the body. Iodine-deficient areas associated with poor teeth. In some areas, drinking water is low in iodine.https://lohmanndental.com/dental-cleaning/brushing-with-iodine/

3.Normal pH in the mouth. PH levels depend on eating. All harmful sugars, raffinates, overeating are causing excessive PH levels in the mouth and bacterial growth.
4.Disinfecting and bactericidal foods: onion, ginger, horseradish, mustard, garlic, wasabi, cloves, chilli, turmeric.
5.Dental floss
6.In natural peoples, healthy teeth i.e. unrefined food.
7.Teeth cleaning. Toothpastes containing hydroxyapatite, stone crystals. https://www.shopcoswell.com/en/catalog/product/view/_ignore_category/1/id/1301/s/biorepair-sensitive-teeth-plus/

Factors contributing to dental problems:

1.Excessive cleaning with abrasives and corrosive substances: Soda, salt, lemon, fluoride. Baking soda is definitely not a cleaner. Corrosive teeth depending on the strength of the tooth, damage felt sooner or later.
2. Wrong toothpaste. Excess fluoride in toothpaste causes tooth sensitivity, tooth decay. A coating that accumulates during the night due to bacterial activity, but also from sweeteners during the day. When brushing your teeth with toothpaste, the toothpaste should not cause tooth sensitivity. Does it cause toothpaste? If you clean your teeth for a week with vodka and there is no sensitivity, then the cause was toothpaste. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/02/200218143719.htm
3.Sugar, raffinates, soft drinks, sweet drinks, yoghurts, etc. Sugar removes Ca from the body, the whole skeleton is weakened, including the teeth.
4.The acid and some trace elements are corrosive. However, this does not mean that berries and fruits, roots that contain acids, are banned. The tooth layer restores itself. When eating occurs with tenderness, it is an alarm that the berries, fruits, vegetables, vinegar, are over-consumed. Excess Fe in water, excess use of fluoride.
5.Tooth cleaning: Toothbrush too hard, too large toothbrush. The toothbrush is often too hard and we scrub too hard and mechanical damage can occur. See the marking on the toothbrush (soft, etc.). A large toothbrush does not reach everywhere. Have you decided to brush your teeth with a toothbrush or clean with a cotton swab? Cotton wool does not get between the teeth.
6.As people began to consume grain, their teeth also began to decay. Before that, the teeth are healthy. This is a fact discovered by archaeologists. Indeed, most cereals provide acidity, in addition to the wear and tear of the teeth during chewing. But I also know people who consume grain and have very good teeth.

7.Too cold and hot and they alternately.
8.Food and activities color teeth. Smoke, coffee, beets, wine, dark berries, etc.
9.Milc and meat contains a variety of rotten bacteria, and overeating it can also cause bacteria to proliferate in the mouth, which in turn produce harmful acids. Undoubtedly, overproduction of protein can cause gingivitis.
10.Teeth whitening. Bleaches are mostly corrosive. Examine exactly whether the bleach has a corrosive effect. Naturally the safest whitening charcoal tablet. Clean your teeth for about 2 minutes within.

How to identify dental problems?

1. Toothache. Often there is also phantom pain and pain from other sources in the head area. For example, food trapped in the gums that has caused gingivitis, head nerve pain (trigeminal pain).
2. Dark spot on the tooth surface. The spot can last for years without a toothache. Is this the original caries? Usually the dentist does not drill it because it does not extend through the enamel tissue and can remain in the same condition for years.
3. Visible toothache. The hole may not give the tooth sensitivity. When you try a toothpick, this place is very sensitive, but it’s still hard for you to determine if the hole is through the enamel or will remain in the enamel.
4. Stairs, if tou cleaning teeth, between teeth. It is not known exactly whether it is tartar or a hole, enamel damage.
Bleeding gums when cleaning with dental floss.
5. Tooth shaking. The tooth is connected to the gum by a dental joint. Bacteria destroy dental joints.
6. Sensitive tooth. May be due to low calcium and low vitamin D intake. Wrong toothpaste. Worn tooth is  sensitive, tooth enamel worn.
7. Discoloration of the gums. Dark or white spot on the gums, abscess in the gums, swollen gum, inflammation, the gums are red. The whole gums are light pink.
8. Crack the tooth. Teeth microcracks are often caused by consuming cold and hot food. Toothpaste has enamel-strengthening toothpastes (containing hydroxyapatite, containing stone crystals). https://tradehouse.ee/en/?q=biorepair+teethpastes
9. Problems with dental fillings. Darkened spot on the tooth. Is there a change in the tooth enamel (thinning) or a hole? Hole under the dental filling, higher seal, painful tooth area without nerve roots, loose dental fillingl, sensitive tooth seal transition, lower seal, dark spot inside the seal.
10. Teeth brushed, teeth inwards, teeth outwards (both front teeth and rear teeth). Help braces, cape.

Tooth wear and causes

The most common myth is that it is only caused by the gnashing of teeth at night.
1. Wrong bite.
The teeth develop the wrong center of gravity and compensate for the wear of the teeth so that the jaw is in the normal position.
2. Smaller drilled teeth.
If the tooth is lowered by drilling or there is a lower tooth with a crown, a lower tooth with a pin, a lower implant. Adjacent teeth wear to provide normal support for the teeth.
4.Abrasives and corrosive substances. Soda, lemon, excess fluoride, sour berries, fruits, vinegar, iron, etc. Rusks.
5. Milk teeth in an adult. These teeth are smaller than usual, wearing side teeth can cause a wrong bite.
6. Silent movement of teeth.

Tooth wear occurs evenly and over time. Even very worn teeth may not cause complaints. In Estonia, prosthesis doctors do this. The procedure can take hours.
About life itself: The dentist offered to cover the patient’s worn teeth. 10 min. he drilled 4-6 teeth lower (probably the purpose of making money. The procedure cost 200 €). Drilling the teeth lower caused a change in the occlusion and the jaw cannot rest for a moment, because the teeth no longer join together. The situation caused headaches, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, high blood pressure and heart problems. It is claimed that the patient did not have these problems before.
Kape can help in this situation. The dental specialist on the spot (orthodontist, prosthetist) will explain in more detail.

Alternative dentistry

A group of histologists and dentists from School of Biomedicine, Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), teamed up with Russian and Japanese colleagues and found cells that are probably responsible for the formation of human dental tissue. https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2019-06/fefu-fsl062719.php

Dr.Weston Price believed that tooth cavities could grow on their own and any medical intervention to restore teeth would be detrimental to overall health. His teachings include recipes for dentistry  problems. https://www.echoak.com/2017/10/weston-price-tooth-decay/


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