World Ecology: The world is changing, but in what direction? What have scientists discovered in this regard? What have we done to make the world habitable for us? What function do animals play for you? Is an animal like a plant or something more? About faith: What do we believe and how does it help … Read more


I believe that a person is one part of an organism called Planet Earth, and one part of something even larger. This is quite remarkable for me, which many may not embrace yet. When every element radiates, vibrates and still continues in that singular rhythm, it’s astonishing. If we feel bad about ourselves – because … Read more


Our world is a tiny part of space. Man is an organism that lives in the living environment that surrounds us and is in us. Larger structures form smaller ones, and eventually the world is made up of molecules and even smaller particles. Global warming 1 Deforestation. Forests are burned, taken down. The production of … Read more


Treatments through the folk medicine.   There are also many recipes tried by people’s. I believe that man is part of a large organism called Planet Earth and part of an even larger one. Every element in space radiates, oscillates. If we feel bad – it’s because of an evil, a bad idea, an ugly thing … Read more


Rohelise valge kombinatsioon

  Art Fashion Clothes that are fashionable, stylish, beautiful. Clothes that create a questionable impression. Clothes that only look beautiful to us. Interior Interior design with pictures. Poetry Impressions and pictures. Be happy!