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Well-being and general health are crucial in answering this question. Some people don’t accumulate fat, but what I’m writing here doesn’t affect them.

Women are never happy with their weight, especially if they have a man next to them who finds the woman too fat. Weight problems are complained about by women weighing 50 kg as well as by those who weigh more, because women have also developed a strong sense of criticism. The thickness of the fat pad is one criterion….

Fashion industry


The image of a skinny woman is from the fashion industry…

Bacchus. Rubens 1638.y.

However, the concept of the ideal is different in different countries. In starving countries, the ideal is a corporeal and voluminous woman. The time of wars and plagues in history was the same ideal.

Venus de Milo


The ideal classic is the sculpture “Milose Venus”

Overweight people mostly have good appetite. Food is very important to him.

Arguments heard: No time to enjoy life, too much work, no interest in life, I am unhappy for some reason. In general, this coincides with the problem of alcoholic addicts as to why they drink – life is not what they want it to be. When an alcoholic has a problem that he not receive recognition, then an overweight problem is often that she seeks solace in food and for all her failures and problems.

Fruit diet only, cotton ball and juice diet common in the acting industry, protein diet only, banana and meat, dark chocolate bar daily, eating five times a day, etc. These are diets that practitioners have told me about and they did not end successfully.

Protein and vitamins. Protein helps to release water from tissues. Lack of protein in the diet can be the cause of the weight problem. What we call fat is largely tissue-retained water. Salt also retains fluids in the tissues. Potassium accelerates the work of liquids. berries and fruits are rich from Potassium. Lack of vitamins, few trace elements causes hunger…..






Be happy!

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