I would like to give the opinion of a Russian officer here. The notification was posted on You Tube on February 4th. The officer tells Putin what he thinks: Putin go home to your son and wife. You have been in power for almost 20 years. You won’t let anyone breathe. You are poisoning the … Read more

It is a dream! Just a dream…money

As there was room in the backyard of Proffessor X, the European Union decided to place the refugees there. Similar to that, what was after the war in Estonia – where there was room, and the room was because the apartment owners were all dead or in Siberia, everyone who came from further, all the … Read more


I prayed to God to solve the refugee problem. God sent a corona, and now the refugee movement is much quieter. There is not much talk about this anymore. Now I would like to ask God to help the nations of the world to reproduce less, because the world can no longer feed as, but … Read more


A photon, a tiny part, can travel from one space space to another  – from one planetary system to another – in an instant (moment). When a photon enters a substance that usually consists of ions, atoms, and molecules, it can be absorbed depending on its energy. Science can prove everything. But this strange … Read more


Modern Aladdin Once upon a time, She told the story to Omar. It took place on the Church. Once upon a time, there lived a man.  Did He come from Arabien countries or  from North Africa, it  doesn’t matter . He was a Dark man. He met a European Christian woman and so they fell … Read more


Introduction Our musculoskeletal system consists of bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments. Human is created like Tarzan in the jungle. Active and versatile movement according to your wishes. In civilized countries, we spend much of our day at work. Work is either a series of one-of-a-kind movements, sedentary in nature, or difficult physical work. With such … Read more


Start of time. Having seen the power of the Son of God, the Disciples desire to bring light into the dark world. This is a message of love. But the world is far away in the dark. The disciples’ efforts to bring the people to repentance end with their crucifixion. The world is not ready … Read more

Live food

“My cat misses his sister. He sits like this every day for half an hour.” The animal feels and loves. How does milk reach the table? In order for a cow to produce milk, it must give birth about every two years. His child will be taken away from him. Male calves and defective – … Read more


World Ecology: The world is changing, but in what direction? What have scientists discovered in this regard? What have we done to make the world habitable for us? What function do animals play for you? Is an animal like a plant or something more? About faith: What do we believe and how does it help … Read more


I believe that a person is one part of an organism called Planet Earth, and one part of something even larger. This is quite remarkable for me, which many may not embrace yet. When every element radiates, vibrates and still continues in that singular rhythm, it’s astonishing. If we feel bad about ourselves – because … Read more


Our world is a tiny part of space. Man is an organism that lives in the living environment that surrounds us and is in us. Larger structures form smaller ones, and eventually the world is made up of molecules and even smaller particles. Global warming 1 Deforestation. Forests are burned, taken down. The production of … Read more


Treatments through the folk medicine.   There are also many recipes tried by people’s. I believe that man is part of a large organism called Planet Earth and part of an even larger one. Every element in space radiates, oscillates. If we feel bad – it’s because of an evil, a bad idea, an ugly thing … Read more


Rohelise valge kombinatsioon

  Art Fashion Clothes that are fashionable, stylish, beautiful. Clothes that create a questionable impression. Clothes that only look beautiful to us. Interior Interior design with pictures. Poetry Impressions and pictures. Be happy!