Body weight

Here is an introduction to the e-book “Body Weight”, which is on sale on the “Gumroad” page. There are also specific links in the book that I recommend looking at. Also tips for weight loss. Price 5. € Well-being and general health are crucial in answering this question. Some people don’t accumulate fat, but … Read more

Psychiatry and diseases New book on Gumroad page “Psychiatry and diseases”. Definitions of psychiatry and illness. Practical advice on being healthy and the causes of the disease.           Price 5€   Here is introduction to the book: When there is violence, wars, destruction of the environment in the world, it is a sign that … Read more


Dental health. Natural resources. How to keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime! 10 tips for dental health. Dental health. 10 tips in folk medicine recipes. Chamomile Chamomile dust overnight around the tooth in case of inflammation. Pine resinPine and spruce resin, propolis keep in the mouth. Disinfecting and restorative effect. Banana peel Banana peel … Read more