Our world is a tiny part of space. Man is an organism that lives in the living environment that surrounds us and is in us. Larger structures form smaller ones, and eventually the world is made up of molecules and even smaller particles.

Global warming

1 Deforestation. Forests are burned, taken down. The production of palm oil requires arable land. Palm oil is found in almost every processed food. Fat-saturated products taste good and are bought better, but they also cause obesity. The forest is what absorbs carbon dioxide. Forest fires produce a huge amount of carbon dioxide. 80% of forests have been destroyed.

2 The earth cannot absorb the carbon dioxide we produce. Corals and forests absorb carbon. Because it is produced in such quantities, the coral cannot be processed and most of the corals have been destroyed. Excess carbon dioxide is also caused by the use of coal and oil as an energy source.

3 Using animals for food is energy intensive. Animal feedingstuffs and pollution in connection with the production of animals for human consumption. (link). How do we treat animals? Ethics issues.

4 Overconsumption and overproduction. Pointless overproduction of packaging. Manufacture of plastics and synthetics. Food that is thrown away because it is overdue. Scrap and commercial goods production – low-life and low-quality products, they are discarded after a short time. Pollution and shortages of drinking water.

5 World temperatures have risen sharply over the last 60 years and are accelerating. This is also called the greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide has formed a bubble around our planet. When the world’s temperature rises above 2 degrees, life on earth is no longer possible.

A warmer planet has more energy to supply stronger storms. In addition, record-melting glaciers raise seawater levels, and a layer of dark carbon on the ice accelerates warming (the dark surface absorbs solar radiation).

This graph, based on the comparison of atmospheric samples contained in ice cores and more recent direct measurements, provides evidence that atmospheric CO2 has increased since the Industrial Revolution. (Source: [[LINK||||NOAA]])

6 Overcrowding. Abstinence from pregnancy is unknown to most of the world. Reasons include lack of education and belief issues, moral issues. Overpopulation has always been regulated by wars and diseases. With this, the earth cleanses itself. In a civilized world, there are tools to prevent pregnancy. Overcrowding forces us to produce food and spend a huge amount of energy on it. There is a shortage of food in some areas and this is one of the reasons for the migration of peoples. Also, overcrowding causes many problems (hygiene, unemployment).

7 Natural disasters due to global warming. Melting of glaciers at a catastrophic rate, floods. Some land becomes dry. All this forces people to look for new habitats.

8 Wars. Interests of great powers and corporations, problems of money and power, poverty and bigotry, ignorance.

Be happy!

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