General Terms

Valid from 01.11.2019
“Digital product” means a publication the content of which can be traced on all digital channels:
on a PC, tablet and mobile phone.
TreatisaArt OÜ – company, private limited company TreatisArt registry code 11788899, Siili 21-21, Tallinn, Estonia
TreatisArt OÜ Account – user account Website “Health” articles.
User – user of the web environment.
Party – TreatisArt OÜ or the customer / user, together with the mentioned parties.
Subscriber – a private person or legal entity who has a TreatisArt OÜ user account.
Order – a purchase and sale agreement concluded between CreatisArt OÜ and the customer.
“Publisher” means the company which publishes the publication.
Publication – a digital product that is periodically updated and accessible by logging in.
General Terms and Conditions – these terms and conditions for the use of the website.
2.1. The general terms and conditions apply to all users.
2.2. TreatisArt OÜ has the right to unilaterally change the general terms and conditions on the following terms and conditions:
2.2.1. the change is due to substantive or technical developments in the field;
2.2.2. the change is due to a change in law or other legal situation.
2.3. TreatisArt OÜ notifies the customer of the change in the general terms and conditions at least one (1) month in advance
before the changes enter into force.
2.4. Ekspress Meedia notifies the subscriber of the change in the general terms and conditions on the website.
2.5. If the subscriber does not agree with the change of the general terms and conditions, he has the opportunity within one (1) month
to cancel the contractual relationship with TreatisArt OÜ as of the publication of the change. If the subscriber does not
express its intention to terminate the Agreement within one (1) month, it shall be deemed to be amended by the General Terms and Conditions
Subscriber rights
3.1. The subscriber has the right to receive articles according to the paid order.
3.2. The subscriber has the right to order articles at the price and accordingly specified by the publisher
general conditions.
3.3. The subscriber has the right to submit claims concerning the publication to the publisher
treatisart@gmail.come within two months of becoming aware of the basis of the claim.
3.4. If the publisher does not resolve the customer’s claims within a reasonable time, the customer may apply
the Consumer Protection Board.
3.5. The customer has the right to terminate the order. Upon termination of the order, the customer has the right to reclaim
the cost of the order from the date of making the account for up to two months.
3.5.3. Refunds will not be made in cash. Upon termination of the account, the issuer shall bear
the amount to be paid to the bank account indicated in the written application of the subscriber ten
(10) within one business day. Bank service fee deducted. Example: Swedbank
the service fee of 16 cents has been deducted from the service amount of 2 €.
3.5.4. If the website is terminated, the amount will not be refunded. Website operation
termination shall be given 2 months before termination, as the case may be.
Obligations of the contracting authority
3.7. When drawing up the account, the subscriber is obliged to submit the information necessary for the execution of the account
3.8. If the information provided by the subscriber is incorrect and / or incomplete, the publisher is not liable
for improper execution of the order.
.3.12. The customer pays for the order and in full according to the payment method chosen by the customer. Otherwise
in this case, the issuer cannot guarantee the proper execution of the order.
3.13. By drawing up an account, the subscriber confirms that he agrees with the general terms and conditions and undertakes to do so
to perform.
3.14. The user has the right to use only a personal username and password when consuming digital products
password. Passing on your username and password to another person is prohibited.
Rights of the publisher
3.15. The publisher has the right to establish the price of ordering the publication and other ordering conditions.
3.16. The publisher has the right to suspend or terminate the partial or complete publication of the publication.
It is recommended that the publisher notifies the subscriber seven (7) days prior to entry into force. If
the publisher decides to suspend or terminate the publication, the amount will not be refunded.
3.17. If the contracting authority does not fulfill the obligations set out in the general conditions, the issuer does not guarantee
fulfillment of the order.
3.18. The issuer has the right to demand that the subscriber comply with the requirements provided in the general terms and conditions. If the subscriber
does not comply with the requirements within fourteen (14) days, the issuer has the right to delete the account
. 3.19. The publisher has the right to delete the account as TreatisArt e-mail data
abused or even hacked into the website ..
Obligations of the issuer
3.20. If the contracting authority duly fulfills all the obligations set out in the general conditions,
guarantees the fulfillment of the issuer’s order.
3.21. The publisher undertakes to accept and document all subscriptions by fulfilling the order
related claims.
3.22. The issuer undertakes to resolve the customer’s claim if the reasons for the claim do not
depending on the customer.

3.23. If the subscriber does not receive the publication continuously or from time to time and has fulfilled all the obligations provided in the General Terms and Conditions, the publisher is obliged to clarify the situation. (Server errors, website update).
3.24. If the subscriber is unable to consume digital products for reasons beyond his control, the publisher undertakes to find a way to compensate the subscriber for the loss of service. Services not received afterwards will not be reimbursed.
5.1. If the user has added a request to read the content of without advertising, then he can read the content without advertising, which means that in the used version the ads of persons who have a contractual relationship with TreatisArt OÜ to buy advertising are not visible.
5.2. If TreatisArt OÜ displays the content of third parties in its environment, the advertising exemption does not extend to the advertising contained therein.

6.1. The materials published in the publications (articles, pictures, videos, designs, etc.) are protected by copyright and belong to TratisArt OÜ or the respective licensor. The user may not copy, reproduce, publish or otherwise use the materials published in the publications, except for personal non-commercial purposes. References to materials published in the publications are permitted only in the manner described in the general terms and conditions. Any other use of materials published in publications requires the prior written consent of TreatisArt OÜ.
Reference of materials
6.2. Materials published in publications may be referenced to the extent of one sentence, provided that the sentence referenced is not longer than the first sentence of the original article. The rule applies as such until otherwise agreed. The rule also applies if a reference to an article in a publication is referenced in another publication.
6.3. If the material published in the publications has been cited in a larger volume, TreatisaArt OÜ has the right to charge a fee for it as follows:
6.3.1. EUR 200 for the use of a single non-coordinated material;
6.3.2. EUR 320 for repeated use (two or more) of uncoordinated materials.
6.4. When referring to any media (internet, paper, radio, television, etc.), the publication must always be cited as the source. When referencing on the Internet, after quoting the source, a link to the original article must be published with the reference.
Copying and distribution of materials
6.5. Copying and distribution of the materials published in the publication is prohibited without the prior consent of TreatisArt OÜ.
7.1. TreatisArt OÜ services may include applications that require access to the user’s smart device photos and / or camera. Access is needed, for example, so that the user can send a photo of their device to TReatis Art OÜ. Allowing access can be managed by the user from their smart device by changing the application settings. If access is granted, the personal data in the photos will be processed with the user’s consent and the user may opt out of the application at any time. By downloading each application, the user is obliged to read the settings of the application and agree to them if desired.
7.3. The processing of photos, camera applications and location data is subject to the user’s consent, and the downloading of applications is interpreted as consent.
8.1. The data protection conditions of Treatis Art OÜ are located in TreatisArt OÜ

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