I prayed to God to solve the refugee problem. God sent a corona, and now the refugee movement is much quieter. There is not much talk about this anymore. Now I would like to ask God to help the nations of the world to reproduce less, because the world can no longer feed as, but I dare not ask, because..

Races and nations and hatred between them.

When religions and races mix, there are no longer nations, are only people. Looks like we enjoyed fighting. There have always been civil wars. We are fighting for our ideas and beliefs. We are fighting to take control of a piece of land. We fight to subdue everything to our own interests and desires. We are fighting to get something like oil, mineral resources, access to the sea. We fight to control those who are evil. But evil becomes even stronger. The human mind and heart would be like locked. In the ruling world is harshness,  carelessness and cruelty, anger. If a bad thought-emotion were like clothes that can be taken off, then perhaps we would see the problems as they are and no longer produce harm and suffering. Utopia still at the moment.

It is not possible for one race to be better than another or for one nation to be worse than another. There are only human personality traits. The crown of all is common sense, which levels the character. What is important to us in this world? To be with our dear people, to help each other, to preserve and keep the nature around us. To forgive that our history has been full of suffering and violence, disasters and disease, hunger. How much skeleton we (individual) have in the cupboard! Surprisingly many.  We are terrible and so wonderful. We can create. We communicate in colloquial language. Human is weak compared to an animal, but he has a mind to create and survive. The animal does not build a house or prepare food, but they are  strong and survives even in difficult climatic conditions. The love of comfort, selfishness, forces us to create activities that are harmful to the entire planet.

Areas of power between major countries

When the bigger countries reach an agreement that belongs to someone on this planet, the great powers will take over the smaller ones. Of course, the subordinate nations cannot agree to this, and it will give rise to war. The oil is poured into the fire by the ideologue of the subjugating state.Understanding that regionalization is not necessary at all is still not the case. Understanding comes when destruction forces it. Small nations and peoples have historically been subjugated and assimilated by warriors. Nations, across continents, have been destroyed that the conquering countries would have more. Power and greed are interrelated. Having money and having something that people need. Money gives the power to want more and more, and the nature of people is – when he has power, he wants more and more. It would be like the movie (film) “Hercule Poirot”. Distribution of inheritance – to whom the service, to whom the carnation and hairstyle and killing because of it…

A new planet

With our will, we are destroying our home planet and also harming our species homo sapiens. In the case of natural disasters, we see that people is not really capable of anything. These are the moments when we come to our senses, but there is nothing we can do. Nor can we count on extraterrestrial aid. It is understandable that we do not live alone in space, but if one planet is destroyed, even extraterrestrial aid may be not enough. Can we take responsibility for the survival of our planet? Of course, there are also different  opinions. That the planet is not in danger and that the survival of the planet does not depend on us. Blessed are those who do not know and who believe. Peace with them. There is now more and more talk about the possibility of living on another planet.However, it would be wise to make an existing planet habitable. If we all wanted it together, it might still be possible.

System and order create harmony. If you look at the flower, the petals of this flower are almost all the same size and it smells nice. People is created harmoniously, he thinks and is able to create with his physique. Everything around us seems to be a miracle. How is it all created? Who created it? It can be seen that in everything that is not created by people, there is order, system and harmony. People sows chaos when what he creates is irregular, unsystematic and disorderly. Life is not possible with chaos.

There are a lot of people.

Innovations that would benefit the world are not to be introduced. For example, a condom, which would easily solve the problem of population abundance. Part of our world still knows nothing about it. Condoms are used effectively against pregnancy and are a requisite commodity, but have been used for about 100 years (in the former socialist countries for about 45 years). But a condom (contraceptives) does not solve the problem of overcrowding because part of the world does not use it. The reason is religious beliefs, blindness or just carelessness and comfort. Contraceptives are a longer issue and also very unknown for those who really need it. Nor can we set an example of old civilizations (Ancient Greek, Japan etc), because in them unwanted children were thrown away (drowned for example). In socialist countries, where nothing was known about abstinence from pregnancy or sex education, abortion was massive.

Mineral resources: oil, natural gas, metals, etc. They make our lives civilized. Without them, we could be back in the use of wood and living in cottage. Petroleum (oil) products are household chemicals, hygiene products, plastics, etc. It all pollutes nature and our land. Iron will be destroyed over the years, but it will not produce itself again. The mineral resources are not endless, and this forces them to dig deeper into the earth, and it forces the great powers to conquer the mineral resources, either by war, cunningly or peacefully from the countries where they still exist.It would help if we consumed less? We can consume less. More natural instead of artificial products. That would mean wood. Even timber stocks would not be able to reproduce at the rate that would then be needed. Without a forest, life in the world is not possible. In the past, we lived in a cottages, but then there were many fewer of us and there were fewer consumers. The overpopulation of the human population was solved by wars and diseases, famine and natural disasters.

Water is a necessary element for the survival of the planet. Life is not possible without water. Water pollution in connection with industry, oil and also pollution caused by an individual. 35 years ago, it seemed like a novel fiction that one day water would become deficient and would be sold in a shop. It soon became a reality. Drought-prone areas, floods and devastation in some areas are forcing peoples to migrate. All this has happened in the last 20 years due to the changing ecological balance and overcrowding. Areas where life is difficult or no longer exists are forcing peoples to migrate to where there is still life. The corona is spreading and weakening our European economy and society, as is the same in other civilized regions.

In the past, the world has had plague, cholera and other diseases. We can only hope that we do not repeat the mistakes we made in the past. Society and economy collapsed in the affected countries, and larger countries swallowed up weakened countries.



Killing for fun, killing for the ego, killing so we don’t be killed, killing to get food. There are reasons, but are they still reasons? The damage caused is physical pain, emotional damage. Unfortunately, we also kill our own species.

In India, a cow is a holy animal. Her children will not be killed or fried or shashliked because faith does not allow. Of course, somewhere is also killed because the famine is so great. There is no hunger in the welfare states. We treat animals as if they were equivalent to a plant. This is a war on animals. When will it change? The problem is not easy to solve. Animal husbandry is a costly industry and is exhausting the world. How to actually solve the problem?

(Eating meat is comfort and fun, but to say it straightly would be too much for us who we eat meat. It would be causing our guilt and would be violence against us. You have noticed that we always use the excuse that someone is violating our human rights and harassing us.But no one even asks an animal if his rights are being harassed! Yet he lives, feels and breathes like we do. I haven’t said it here, it’s just an idea, and I certainly don’t want to feel guilty about anyone. I want to help.)

Our pets are predators and we don’t go hunting for birds and mice…. Where to turn cow farming into the private sector? Closing large-scale industries would leave many people without work. Allocate animals among workers in the animal industry? Private maintenance is often expensive and does not bring anything in. If animals are kept humanely, can they only be kept as pets? If the cow is not reproduced, it will not give milk. Reproducing it only a few times in his life would be costly. Humane is if, his calves should not be taken to the slaughterhouse. There will be a herd of animals. Of course, it is possible to give born animals as pets. If a cow is normally treated, it will live for about 20 years or more. You have a herd that is just for your fun, because only by breeding the herd can you get milk and a new animal has emerged that needs food and care. It seems to not working. The cow can be applied in front of the plow, etc! In Mongolia, horse milk is produced and the horse’s children are not killed, but the horse has many other functions that make sense to keep it. Humane production in chicken farm of eggs is possible?A pig can only be a pet or something more ? Could he also be used as a „drug big“, for example? At the moment, we are talking about large-scale production, which pollutes nature and is costly. Closing industries that are harmful to the planet would also mean looking for alternatives. Should domestic animals be allowed to be in the wild or in a nature reserve? To this day, we are only talking about how harmful animal husbandry is…

The world is tired of hating and fighting, and this world is you and me. But we can control evil within- ourselves. We have been given language and creativity. Everything is not good with people and we are not all right. There is no point in hiding your head under the sand like an ostrich. Education undoubtedly has a role to play in this, but education also has old patterns and needs to be reformed. The new directions probably do not mean dismantling- demolition, but learning from the old and creating better. How to heal the our world? How to work together and come up with solutions? Please help!

Be happy!

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