A photon, a tiny part, can travel from one space space to another  – from one planetary system to another – in an instant (moment).

When a photon enters a substance that usually consists of ions, atoms, and molecules, it can be absorbed depending on its energy.

Science can prove everything. But this strange photon behaves quite strangely in our concept of time and space, as if he had no end and no beginning. He does not know time and is not even relevant to any laws of physics that people has invented. We still don’t know the answer because we can’t move back and forward in time. We cannot be alive when we no longer live, we are in the moment of time and at the same time everything that has preceded, is the past and everything further is the future. We don’t even know are we control our destiny, but we seem to have one a definite point, that is what we can touch with our hands – the matter. This is what is and what does not seem, but we cannot be so sure about that either.

The Son of God came to this World as a people. Cruel killings have always been, people were killed as a slaughtered animal (and this meat animal – must it all be so?). People were sinner and the Son of God was sinless. People were hunged or burned both, those who were sinners and those who were less sinners, no matter how much you have sinned. Those who were enlighteners were often hunged.  Giardno Bruno, Disciples of Jesus, …. Life was a trial and a scythe must to mow, no matter how sinful someone was. The bloody crime committed with Jesus, it is given to us for redemption.

“Jesus, who was innocent, died on the cross for you and atoned for all our sins” Colossians 1:13, 14.

When suffering are given to those who are sinners as well as to those who are trying to live right? Can a man do all what his sinful soul longs for, because his punishment does not depend on how sinful he is? The Son of God were hunged up to the cross, though he had come here to bring light. How can the torture and killing of an innocent Son of God be for as redemption?

By suffering a person learns to be a person and also learns what he should not be, because suffering makes him understand life. Sometimes, however, a person becomes a cause of suffering. Even suffering does not help we do right.

“Jesus who rose from the dead on the third day” Paul’s letter to the Corinthians p. 15

The resurrection of the innocent Jesus is given to us in the Bible as proof that eternal life exists. As we strive to be without sin, we have greater hope of eternal life. But this is where we can start guessing and translating  how things were begin, because everything happened so long time ago. The undergraduate student has written a whole writing about that…” Was Jesus even existed?” I found this article in a library in Tallinn. Every religion and sect has its own faith in about what happens after death.

Now that the photons are charged with energy, the transformation  of the photons and the release of energy take a little longer than the moment when a person in our meanings dies and his heart stops beating.

In many religions, the human soul travels from body to body. There are religions in which the soul is put to sleep, and on the last day of judgment he rises with a trumpet. There are beliefs in which the soul goes to heaven after leaving the body. There are different places in heaven where he can go and his life continues there. There are beliefs where all evil souls are destroyed. There is a belief where people buried and becomes soil and there is no eternal soul. What other beliefs are there could be a very long list.

One might think that thanks to photons, man invents traveling back and forth in time. Due to the photons, human life expectancy takes on very long dimensions (lifespan). We’ve made our planet a trash can and science must make a very rapid leap in discovering the laws of movement in time and space. Because it is time for us to make grow something (algae and plankton to begin with) on  example in Mars, to there become a new home planet for as.

Photons are converted and released as all kinds of activities, as well as inactions. Negative energy, such as wars, killings, negative thoughts, and even depression, can shatter the world with these vibrations. A positive energy anion and a negative energy cation convert and ionize atoms and form collections set. It’s like a small model of what a person does. At the same time, we have no control and direction over our lives. But we know more and more about these tiny particles, which is the key to our continued existence.

Be happy!

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