Start of time. Having seen the power of the Son of God, the Disciples desire to bring light into the dark world. This is a message of love. But the world is far away in the dark. The disciples’ efforts to bring the people to repentance end with their crucifixion. The world is not ready for that yet. “Love and care for one another,” says the message of Christ (1 Corinthians 13: 1-7). Isn’t that fanaticism when the masses obediently obey when Jesus is killed? They mock and stone the Son of God. Blindly, the crowd obeys what the Pharisees said, “We do not want to stone you for stoning, but for blasphemy, because you, who are human, are making yourself God.” John 10: 31-42 They accuse him of being someone who calls himself the Son of God, someone who insults God. Jesus is a victim of politics. The power of the Pharisees begins to wane, and that of Jesus gathers strength. The Pharisees cannot allow this. This pattern of destruction is repeated over and over again and man does not learn at all.

Rembrandt Supper at Emmaus 1629 Musee Jacquemart Andre Paris showing foreground disciple
Rembrandt Supper at Emmaus 1629 

The free death of Jesus’ disciples.

Now the other side of the disciples’ free death: Free death for their own principles? Does it make sense to live in a world without justice and love? Is a person’s life still so valuable? It would be valuable if it ended up in the soil. Many of us are descended from a socialist time where there is no God. If we believe this, then sick people have died in the name of faith, because the most valuable thing is human life. Most of us want to believe that there is eternal life and life will continue beyond our earthly journey. We are very saddened by the faith of the Marxists — the belief that man is the ashes after death. We most all believe that there is something after death – a better life, an eternal life, then sacrificing ourselves for the sake of faith still makes sense.

The disciples believed that the teaching of love was the door to a new age, and there was no point in stepping back from it. Survive and hide yourself – but what is life like?Disciples die on the cross (except John).  What is life worth at all? Is there anything wrong with those people who think that the doctrine of love needs to be uprooted? Does it make sense for disciples to continue in such a foolish society, a society where the doctrine of love does not work? There is love for mother and child and there is real care somewhere, but society has always been rich and poor, greedy and careless.

Morality and conscience are encoded in the human heart.

One talks more about it and the other doesn’t hear it at all, but we all just want the good. The murderer is also sure that his act was correct. Should we be tolerant of murderers, fraudsters and rapists? The morals of society condemn them. Here we all understand in the same way that this is not right. Where does the line where wrong is right and right is wrong become blurred? Those people who have experienced God (or also the said universe), they no longer ask such questions, believe it or that?

Religious fanaticism and sects, the destruction of the people in wars for ideas. How is it possible? We allow ourselves to be subject to someone’s ideology. This is violence that comes with a threat. We can be forgiven for that. How did it happen to us that we are subject to an ideology that is against all humanity? How do we let hell be born on earth? Because we are afraid. Our fears are justified. The plan of fanatics and politicians is so cunningly constructed that a person no longer notices where he has come in his beliefs …… The masses are subject to plans for extermination – exterminate Orthodox Gentiles – these Christians, exterminate Jews, and so on. Every religion and belief has its own beliefs. But it is all a people`s-made system. To believe that buttons must not be worn, to believe that a woman must not show her face and must cover it. Everything can be believed.

Freedom of religion is when no one forbids you to believe what you want. The state sets moral standards. Totalitarian States: Submission to Violence. If we look at small Estonia, we have a number of parties, each of which has its own faith in its own Estonia and, in fact, every politician has his or her own beliefs and understanding. In this confusion, can a person act only according to his conscience? It is pointless to call any belief fanaticism. Fanaticism is when life is forced to live by someone’s command and dictation, to the detriment of oneself and others. When you no longer understand what is right and wrong, it is rather the blurring of the mind.

The atrocities of war are committed at someone’s command.

Someone evil whom we are trying to destroy, someone whose rights are being discriminated against. You can’t kill. The Bible says so. Yet all wars are for the sake of faith. So what can be done to prevent wars? How to control the bad guys who kill. How to control fanatics and sick people? Can they be persuaded or eliminated in any way? Are those who organize wars bad? How to eliminate them? There are war police who deal with war crimes. Unfortunately, no society operates without the police.

The Communists believed that man became so moral that no wrongdoing was done. To date, the ideal form of society has not yet been invented, a society that would satisfy everyone and that everyone would be so moral that there would be no need to eliminate evil. Prophets, clairvoyants, theologians and scholars. They are considered authorities. Their opinions are respected.

A Bible reminder of a father and a son. God commands the son to be sacrificed. The man is obediently fulfilling the message. God then says:” I see your obedience” and the man’s son is not sacrificed (Moses 22: 1-24). What would have happened if that man had not submitted to God? Death is what we fear and more we fear for our loved ones. There are many questions in this story.

How to operate? If the prophet has told us to do so — or has the scientist proved, do we dare to do the opposite? Where is right and where is wrong? The believer would say pray and you will receive an answer. But if the respondent is not this sacred truth but something else? If God and the angels do not speak to me. Conscience. What is this? There is something inside us that tells us how to act, but still we prefer to listen to someone wiser. Is it inside us, drawn and constructed only from what we have heard? Life sometimes seems difficult even to our conscience and it is difficult to make the right choices.

Be happy!

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